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What is good packaging?

When companies buy packaging solutions to preserve, protect, ship and sell their products to end users, their requirements vary. What they decide on depends on the type of product involved and how it is packaged, handled and sold.

In general, good packaging is packaging that earns back its costs. Holding down production costs is always essential. But sometimes, even expensive packaging is worth paying for. If you can reduce transport damage and speed product handling, it may justify a higher price. Companies, consumers and society at large generally make the same demands of good packaging. The packaging has to be strong and durable so it securely protects the contents, yet small enough and light enough that it doesn't take up extra space and cost more money to store and transport.

It has to be easy to handle, every step of the way from filling, stacking, transport and storage to unpacking, display, use and disposal. Good packaging should be environmentally sound. A minimum of resources should be used to produce it, and it should be easy and efficient to recycle.

Why Chandan?
At Chandan we create product that is exceptional in its strength, purity and ergonomics. We deliver packaging solutions that are tailored to the customer's needs with an inspiring professional and businesslike approach, quick answers and quick decisions. These are some of the factors that make Chandan the best choice for our customers.

Our well-versed experiences, extensive know how and advanced technologies are the prerequisites that enable us to meet our customers' challenging requirements. Through close partnership, we create long-term customer relations based on mutual benefit and trust. In this way we contribute to our customers' effectiveness and results.